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Come and become a Team Member of GTC.

Come hear our pastor place the word of God​ on the bottom shelf where all can reach it.

Come and hear the melodious Voices of Greatertab sing praises unto the Lord.

Sunday School

 If you do not know your bible, you need the Sunday school.  If you know your bible, the Sunday school needs you.  

Join us every Sunday  9am. 


Wednesday 6:45pm

Study to show yourself approved of God.


For other ministry opportunities, double click the "Events" tab.

Come see us soon.

Youth Team


Our youth are involved in our usher, dance, puppet, choir ministry, etc.

Jesus said let the children come. We don't stand in their way, we stand with them.

The Church need young people and young people need the Church.

Come on in. Let's Have Church! Praise The Lord!​


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