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Greater Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church

3090 North Trezevant Street

Memphis TN 38127


            The Little Tabernacle Baptist Church was founded and organized by the Late Rev. Richard Lovelace in February, 1962 at 1031 Greenwood.

The name of the church as stated by the late Rev. Lovelace was given to him by God.

It was organized on hope, love, trust and a lot of faith in God Almighty.

The church was started by Rev. Lovelace, his wife (the late Sis. Estelle Lovelace), and

16 children.


            The church was a one room; one story building that was no larger than some people's double car garage and the building had a big picture window, one side window, one door, one bathroom. The same door was the entrance and the exit. The first deacons were Bros. James Adams, James Bolds, Sr., Edmond McCulIey, and Douglas Anding, Sr.


            The first musician was Bro. James Adams and then later after Bro. Adams was called to preach after which, Bro James Bolds, Jr. was the musician for many years. The first Superintendent of Sunday School was Bro. Douglas Anding, Sr. the first mother of the church was Mother Emma Munn. The first treasurer was Bro. Douglas Anding, Sr. the first secretary was Sis. Gloria Williams Riley.


            Under the leadership of Rev. Lovelace, the church was expanded once on Greenwood, moved to a new location twice, 1193 Bellevue and 1001 Rosewood. The Rosewood location was the first place that was already a church structure when we moved. Also, 3 were called to the ministry in those early days on Rosewood St., (Rev. James Adams, Rev. Theodore Lewis, and the late Rev. Robert Blackwell. After the death of Rev. Lovelace, Rev. Will Banks was the presiding pastor for about a year. He preached the gospel telling us what thus saith the Lord.


In April, 1980, Rev. C. E. Stanback was voted in as our new pastor after hearing

many other ministers. Rev. Stanback, a young man full new ideas and goals. Under his leadership, several preachers have joined the church and many others have announced their calling.


            Rev. Stanback preaches and teaches the bible. Little Tabernacle has been in existence for 32 years. The name of the church was voted on by the members and was changed to Greater Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church in 1987 because the church was remodeled and we looked forward to greater blessings and greater blessings have indeed come our way.


            In 1997, we moved to 3090 North Trezevant St. which is our present location.  We added a fellowship hall onto our present location in 2000. Approximately $80,000 cash, taken up from the membership to finance the construction.


            In 2011 the Lord has once again under Pastor Stanback blessed us to complete another construction project. We are eternally grateful for what God has done in the expansion of our Church and allowing us to help build and grow souls.  He that winneth souls is wise.

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